I’ve set up this blog for a few reasons really; firstly because I love to rant and sound off about a whole variety of topics. I love to use Twitter to voice my
sometimes controversial (borderline offensive) opinions but I’m often left frustrated at being unable to explain my arguments in 140 characters or le…

Secondly, I feel that I should embrace new ways of using technology to share information and help improve my teaching practice. I always used to, however I feel I’ve already started to become that old cynic sat at the back in his 1980′s track suit.

And finally, I wanted a fresh approach to all this “blogging”. That cynic in me often sees blogging and bloggers as self-promotional, TLR chasers. The stuff that makes it onto their blogs is garbage; it’s the kind of stuff senior leaders love to hear but nobody actually understands what the point of it is.

My promise to myself (and to those who might chance to read) is that content, ideas and discussions will only ever be genuine, real and perhaps useful for classroom practitioners. Not for working my way up the promotion ladder. I’m not a fan of “Learning Journeys”, you won’t find any “Scaffolding” on here and I certainly won’t be doing any “Unpacking”. Scout’s honour.

Enjoy. Get involved.

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